Take These Nutritional Herbal Supplements to Lower Bad Cholesterol Naturally

Take These Nutritional Herbal Supplements to Lower Bad Cholesterol Naturally

Fact: High ‘bad’ cholesterol can be hazardous for your health. Many diseases can harm you if you have high cholesterol levels. In simple terms, you will have an increased chance of facing a heart attack or stroke, and this is why you must keep your cholesterol levels healthy.

Typically, people with high cholesterol levels look for ways to lower LDL cholesterol. Doctors may prescribe ‘statins’, or suggest diet changes. But did you know that Soltea can help control your cholesterol levels and naturally decrease the risk of heart attacks or stroke? Yes, it is entirely possible. 

In this blog, you will learn about an essential nutritional, herbal supplement that can help you naturally and safely lower your harmful cholesterol levels! 

Good Cholesterol vs. Bad Cholesterol

Before learning about nutritional and herbal supplements, you must know about the two types of cholesterol, good cholesterol, and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is the High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and bad cholesterol is the Low-Density Lipoprotein cholesterol.  

LDL will, over time, damage the lining of blood vessels. On the other hand, HDL helps remove bad cholesterol from the body.

For a healthy human being, the LDL levels must be low, and HDL levels must be high, which means low levels of bad cholesterol and high levels of good cholesterol. When your LDL levels and the bad cholesterol level increases, you may face many health complications such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, or clogged arteries.

Scientifically, obese people are more prone to high LDL cholesterol levels because fats can cause your liver to produce extra LDL cholesterol levels. Therefore, naturally, if you want to keep your cholesterol levels in the normal range, you should stay fit and put healthy foods and supplements in your body.  

What are These Natural Herbal Supplements?

You will have to maintain a low LDL level and high HDL level to stay healthy. You can naturally lower your bad cholesterol levels with no side effects with certain nutritional, herbal supplements. Also, you can try the below-listed foods and see the magic in transforming your health! 


Who doesn’t have garlic at home? , commonly used in cooking food or making recipes. But, garlic has lots of health benefits as well. It can naturally lower blood levels of total cholesterol levels and go away quickly!  In simple terms, if your LDL levels are too high and you need to lower them down to some extent instantly, garlic can help you. 

Whey Protein 

Whey protein supplements are very effective in lowering LDL and total cholesterol. You can take whey protein with milk and add whey protein powder to soft foods. It can help decrease the levels of LDL, keeping you safe from high cholesterol health complications, naturally!

Flaxseed Oil or Capsules

Flaxseed is a natural health supplement that has many health benefits. Not only flax seed, but flax oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Flax is a blue flowering plant that grows best in cool climates with long periods of daylight. Its seeds and oil help increase HDL cholesterol levels, the good cholesterol, and naturally lower harmful cholesterol levels. It’s better to use its oil or eat flaxseed ground rather than consume the seed. You can also swallow capsules if you don’t want to use their oil. 

Green tea or Soltea Supplements

Green tea is known worldwide for its many health benefits. People take green tea to cut extra fats, improve digestion, or build immunity. And green tea is also responsible for lowering cholesterol levels in the body. Many studies show that consuming lots of green tea can lower your cholesterol levels. But few of us drink lots of green tea every day? Solution? You can take 2 Soltea capsules each day instead. 

Just 2 Soltea capsules equal 35 cups of green tea. Decaffeinated! Therefore, with Soltea, you can naturally lower your cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy! 

Soluble Fibers

Soluble fibers are found as a dietary supplement from oats, barley, legumes, vegetables (carrots, yams, or broccoli), or fruits (apples, berries, or prunes). Including these in your diet can lower the level of LDL cholesterol., and soluble fibers reduce the amount of cholesterol being absorbed in the intestine.  Upon binding with the cholesterol, soluble fibers get bad cholesterol excreted from the body. 

Plant Sterols and Stanols

These are naturally occurring substances found in plant cell membranes such as Nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes. The highest concentrations are in unrefined plant oils such as vegetables, olive oils, and nuts, blocking cholesterol absorption. However, the average consumption of these foods will not meet the amount needed to lower cholesterol. Soltea can help.

A  good diet is beneficial in controlling good cholesterol levels. If you include the previously mentioned, Soltea natural herbal supplements in your daily diet routine, then you can gradually improve the level of HDL cholesterol. To maintain your HDL levels with less effort and stress, you can always take the Soltea supplement. Don’t forget, just two Soltea soft gels equal 35 cups of green tea.