Why Should You Care About Your Cholesterol Levels?

Why Should You Care About Your Cholesterol Levels?

Most of the time, cholesterol is being looked at as the ‘villain’; why? Simple-high cholesterol is a bad thing. Although cholesterol is the primary concern for our heart’s health,  it can lead to many significant complications such as stroke or heart attack. Common suggestions to avoid high cholesterol levels are cutting egg yolks, burgers, cheese, or bacon in the regular diet, and these foods can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

To stay healthy, we need good information to maintain our cholesterol levels and the recommended levels in our bodies. Read below to find one of the most effective and natural methods for maintaining a good cholesterol level. 

Cholesterol – Know it first! 

Cholesterol is found in the cells of the human body, it looks like a waxy, fat-like substance. Cholesterol is not always bad; good cholesterol makes Vitamin D in our body. And we all know that vitamin D is an essential vitamin that our body needs to work perfectly. Besides, cholesterol also helps build the hormones we use to digest food.

Cholesterol starts in the liver and then travels in the blood through lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are of two types – high density and low density. This high-density lipoprotein determines ‘good cholesterol’ and ‘bad cholesterol.’ 

HDL- The Good Cholesterol 

High-density cholesterol, or HDL, is known as good cholesterol. It is good cholesterol because it helps maintain the structure of the cells and blood vessels and helps in hormone production. In simple terms, it does the ‘good part’ in our body and is called good cholesterol. Another fact of HDL is that steroid hormone, The cholesterol stored in our adrenal glands, testes, or ovaries, helps build steroid hormones. These hormones protect our body from the problems of weight, digestion, sex, mental health, or bone health. 

LDL – The Bad Cholesterol 

Low-Density lipoprotein, or LDL, is always considered the ‘bad cholesterol’. Why bad? A high amount of LDL in the body can lead to sticky deposits within the artery wall, which can cause blockage in the arteries. When this type of blockage arises, the flow of blood to various organs, such as the brain or heart, is constricted—this leads to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, or any kind of significant disease. 

What are Optimal Blood Cholesterol Levels?


After you turn 20, there is a natural rise in cholesterol levels? But, problems don’t start until later. In men, the ill effects of high cholesterol levels can typically be after 50. In women, the cholesterol levels do not rise until menopause. After menopause, the levels can be seen high in women also. But, very high ‘harmful cholesterol levels are caused by many factors, in both men and women, lousy health, which can be either diet-related or high cholesterol in family history. 

As family history plays a significant role in an individual's cholesterol levels, it is suggested that these levels should be measured every few years. If you wonder how much the normal range of blood cholesterol is, then here’s the answer! If your total blood cholesterol ranges between 140 and 200 mg/dL, it is normal. But, if this level goes above 240 mg/dL, it is considered high. Cholesterol levels above 240 for a long time can be hazardous for any human being, be it a male or female. 

The above ranges are for total blood cholesterol. But, you can also get a measure of individual cholesterol levels of ‘good cholesterol’ and ‘bad cholesterol’. For ‘bad cholesterol’ or the LDL, the normal range is considered to be below 100 mg/dL, and if this level rises above 160, it is regarded as a high LDL level. 

Similarly, it is good if your HDL level is 60 mg/dL or higher. Remember, HDL is ‘good cholesterol’. The more the HDL levels are, the more it is good for you. But, if your HDL level falls below 40, it can be hazardous for you. 

How can you stay protected?

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