Happy Customer Stories

Betty from Marietta Georgia

I am 75 years old and my cholesterol has been over 200 for many years. After my Dec. '22 annual visit with my internist it was 240 mg/dL with my LDL at 152 mg/dL. Shortly after that time I visited my cardiologist (for no real reason other than I hadn't seen him for several years) who expressed concern and wanted to prescribe a statin-like drug in an attempt to lower it (I cannot tolerate statins). I had just started taking Soltea and requested he allow me at least 90 days before taking another Lipid panel so I could determine if Soltea would have made an impact. To my (and my Cartiologist's) amazement my May '23 Lipid panel revealed my Total Cholesterol had dropped to 185 mg/dL and LDL was 107 mg/dL! My 39 year old son visited with his family this past week and expressed his concern about needing statin drugs. I told him about my experience with Soltea and just set him up for a recurring order. I suggested he arrange do a baseline test before beginning to determine the effectiveness of this product. I pray he will see similar results!

Martie from Elgin

I ordered my initial supply several months ago. On taking standard blood tests for my annual physical, I was shocked to see that my cholesterol level went down 36 points in 4 months. This has never happened before! Thank you for this amazing formulation!