A Few Good Home Remedies to Lower Bad Cholesterol

A Few Good Home Remedies to Lower Bad Cholesterol

The human body needs cholesterol, and it plays an essential in building new healthy cells, without which the body couldn't function. But, not all cholesterol is the same, and everybody has good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol or "LDL" can create plaque in the arteries driving you at risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other vascular diseases. Good cholesterol or "HDL" helps remove bad cholesterol from the bloodstream.

High cholesterol levels impact billions worldwide. With changes in the day-to-day routine, giving preference to a healthier lifestyle, eating habits, home remedies, and taking good dietary supplements can help lower your LDL and improve HDL. 

Some home remedies that can help keep control of your cholesterol naturally could be as follows. 

  1. Coriander seed infused water – Drinking this very first thing in the morning can help lower bad cholesterol and improve your body's good levels. First, heat water with coriander seeds till it gets to a boil, and then leave it overnight to cool down. Strain the water in the morning, drink it regularly, and after a few weeks, check your cholesterol. 
  2. Add turmeric to the food – Turmeric is like a wonder-mix and can help cut off the plaque deposits in your arteries. Known for its antibacterial properties, adding spice in lentils, veggies, milk can be helpful and give good results. 
  3. Drink Amla Juice or Raw Amla – Eating one or two amla fruits daily or drinking Amla juice can significantly lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and is one of the most effective in controlling cholesterol in natural ways and repairing and regenerating healthy body tissues. 
  4. Green tea – A cup or two of green tea daily can help keep cholesterol in check. The antioxidants in green tea help make you feel active and light and reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the body.
  5. Flaxseeds – The ideal thing is to eat 30 grams of flaxseeds daily, with an assurance to lower the destructive effects of bad cholesterol in your body. The seeds can be consumed directly or in powder form with milk, and it prevents cholesterol from getting deposited in the arteries and reduces inflammation. 
  6. Soluble Fibers – It is always beneficial to consume soluble fibers as they lower cholesterol absorption in the bloodstream and easily flush it out. Soluble fibers come in rice bran, oats, apples, citrus fruits, peas, strawberries, seeds, whole grains, etc. 
  7. Supplements – The fear of day-to-day pandemic stress is affecting the living routine of people these days. It’s recommended to take Soltea dietary supplements daily, especially for optimal heart health. The Soltea patented decaffeinated, all-natural soft gels help people have an active life, lower bad cholesterol, and naturally improve heart health. 
  8. Garlic is another food that helps control your cholesterol and should be a part of your daily eating routine. 

Consuming natural food and supplements in your daily schedule has its perks. The first one is most of them can be accessed without a prescription. The other is that many people find them helpful in keeping an eye on their cholesterol levels while leading to an active and healthy life.

Heart health is essential, and with a bit of dedication and devotion, you can reach a goal to live healthier and fit the way you desire. So, do not delay getting the proper heart care on time, making changes in your daily eating routine, exercising, lifestyle choices, and enjoying this beautiful life.