Over 4,100 Americans Will Suffer a Heart Attack Today & 1/3 Will Die

How To Know If You’re At Risk & Fight Back Against the #1 Killer of People Over 40

Do You Have Any of These Symptoms?

Sometimes it’s easy to know you’ve got heart disease because your doctor says so. But there are other ways to know. Here are some signs you’re at risk of heart disease:

• Are you over 40 years old?
• Have you been told you have high blood pressure?
 o Or has your blood pressure gone up recently?
• Have you been told you have high cholesterol?
o Or has your cholesterol gone up recently?
 • Does heart disease run in your family?

Maybe your doctor is recommending medication, diet, and exercise? Diet and exercise always make good sense. But there are much easier things you can do, too.

Here’s Some Good News for a Change

No matter your age and health today, you can start extending your life right now for less than 67 cents a day! How?

Soltea, an all-natural, drug-free daily heart-health supplement containing a unique green tea extract called Theaflavin, helps promote a healthier heart.

Is it worth $19.95 a month to feel like you’re doing everything you can to avoid a heart attack?

If YES just popped into your mind, keep reading…

Trying to Avoid Taking Medications? Want a chance to get off medication?

Soltea is an all-natural, drug-free daily supplement proven to lower cholesterol.

If you love to read scientific jargon, read the scientific journal article published by the JAMA about Soltea right here. But if you don’t, here’s all you do:

"Take 2 Gel Capsules of Soltea Every Day"
That’s it! Nothing to measure. No chemicals. No side effects.

Soltea Guarantees Your Satisfaction, Or Your Money Back !

Over 78% of people who start taking Soltea keep taking Soltea long-term as part of an overall approach to heart health. It’s been around a long time; over 15 years.

We use daily heart-health supplements just like you, and we know there are fly-by-night pills, potions, and lotions out there. We’ve been burned, too. That’s why we won’t buy from anyone who doesn’t stand behind their product, and you shouldn’t either! Soltea guarantees your satisfaction, or you get your money back. Just ask.

But Here’s What Will Really Convince You It’s Worth $19.95 a Month

“Heart disease runs in my family, and I’ve had high cholesterol since I was 30. For 20 years, I took a statin and it didn’t get worse, but wasn’t where my doctor wanted it. After 90 days taking Soltea, I went for my annual physical and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER my cholesterol was UNDER 200!"
- Steven, Nashville, TN

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What Happens When You Order

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Thanks for considering Soltea. We’re committed to heart health, including yours!